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20 Jan

Over the years, scientists have made major breakthroughs in various fields.   However, ASEA water is one of the recent breakthroughs considered the greatest in health in a century.  This is because it is the only known supplement containing stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules.   These redox signaling molecules are vital for cellular health.

 As you advance in age, redox signaling molecules decreases. This is because the cells no longer work as they used to do in your early years.   There is more hope in ASEA water on changing the situation about the decrease in vital molecules. This is because Redox Signaling Molecules can now be created and stabilized outside the body.   The main ingredients for ASEA include salt and water just like in the body cells.

 There is so much information and online ads on ASEA.  The good thing about ASEA is that it is supported by scientific studies.  Many studies on redox signaling molecules have been published.   These studies also state the important role played by the redox signaling molecules. 

 Among the roles of redox signaling molecules are such as immune activity, cardiovascular function, cellular communication, and digestive health.  Other roles include cell function, oxidative stress reduction, energy metabolism, mental cognition, genetic expression, and muscle and joint support.   The cells pass essential information all the time.  ASEA water helps to optimize such communication within the cells, from cells to other cells, and to other systems in the body that are essential for health. 

 What makes ASEA water a good supplement?   Many people are concerned about the good things associated with ASEA.   The first thing that makes it more reliable is scientific backing.  Learn more about skin care at http://www.ehow.com/fashion/skin-care/.

 There is also a significant boost on the effectiveness of antioxidants by ASEA.  The body is known for making the most powerful antioxidants.   Even fruits and barriers cannot have powerful antioxidants like SOD and glutathione that are made by the body cells. However, the Redox Signaling Molecules in ASEA have been found to make the antioxidants more effective by 500%.

Another good thing about ASEA water is that it helps improve athletic performance.  Studies have shown that consuming ASEA for 7 days will prompt mobilization of fatty acids.   The body will then start using fats that are a superior fuel source instead of using muscle glycogen which is an inferior fuel source.   This will then increase endurance by 29%.   As a result. ASEA athletes move faster, harder, further, and will recover better.  By taking ASEA, there is improve hormone balance which supports wellness and vitality.

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